A day in the life of Clodagh

Clodagh is a lovely 2-year-old crossbreed who arrived at Dogs Trust Snetterton in March 2020 after being found as a stray in Ireland.

Clodagh’s home checklist:

  • A female-only home with no more than two people (can live with a child 16+).
  • Only pet in the home but would like to meet friendly dogs out on walks so she can keep up her social skills.
  • An adopter who will be patient whilst she settles into home life.

Since she arrived at the centre, Clodagh has kept busy doing lots of training, enjoying plenty of playtime and working on her doggie social skills. As we are currently closed to the public, we thought we’d tell you a bit more about her by taking you through a typical day in the life of Clodagh.


Bright and early Clodagh is up waiting for her breakfast as she is quite a foodie! Once she is finished and has made sure there are no crumbs left, she plays with some of her toys in her kennel. Clodagh loves to play and can keep herself entertained for quite a while - but she’d much rather play with a human pal. Her favourite toys are the ones with the loudest squeakers - like her trusty pink pig.

Clodagh gets excited when it’s time to go for walkies, as she loves to keep active and enjoys going out for a stroll with one of her Canine Carers. She likes to run about off lead and enjoys having space to play, so we usually take her to the paddock, woods or playgrounds. When out and about, Clodagh likes to wander over to her Carer for some fuss as she’s a very affectionate girl with people she knows well.


Sweet, sensitive Clodagh loves the company of her gal-pals and has her paws crossed she will join a female-only home as she feels worried around men.

After she’s let off some energy, we often take her into the training barn, where she can practise some old tricks or work on something new. Clodagh has mastered Sit, Touch and can target a platform. Clodagh has recently started to learn how to sit still and wait, as she has a habit of keeping very close to her human pals, which is adorable but can be a little much!


Once she is all tired out from her busy afternoon, Clodagh heads back to her kennel for a well-earned rest. Soon enough it’s time for dinner - which might be in the form of a kong, parcel or puzzle feeder to keep mealtimes interesting. After she licks her bowl clean, she settles down in bed for a good night’s sleep - ready for more fun tomorrow!

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know lovely Clodagh. If you think you could give this sweet, sensitive girl a home, please check out her profile to learn more about her and click the ‘Come and meet me’ button to get in touch. We are more than happy to look through applications for long-term residents Clodagh, Rafa and Buster, although potential adopters will need to wait until lockdown restrictions ease to meet their match.