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The countdown begins!

This weekend: Snetterton Fun Day

Kate, Josie and Oliver

We are in our final week of planning for the annual Snetterton Fun Day, which will take place this Sunday the 12th May from 11.30am to 4pm!

The office seems organised with prizes and games taking up every corner but no matter how prepared you are, there is always something else that needs doing. We have been busy (when we’ve not been distracted by the likes of puppy Oliver) doing the last little touches that make the Snetterton Fun Day such an enjoyable event.

There are a few changes to the line-up this year. Unfortunately, the agility team who usually run the “have a go agility” are not able to help and so we’ve had to come up with an alternative activity. Queue the drumroll please, it is with great pleasure that I can announce, coming to the Snetterton Fun Day for the first time in 2019 will be Temptation Alley! If you haven’t heard of this game before, you are in for a treat (or your dog is anyway). The aim of the game is to get your dog to come and sit by your side the quickest. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Standing in the way of you and your dog will be a variety of different temptations that could well make your dog deaf to all but the call of his own stomach. “But my dog isn’t that into food” some of you may say. Fear not. There will also be a selection of different toys that your little pooch might just have to pick up and play with before coming to sit happily by your side. Do you think your dog has the mental determination to ignore all distractions and come straight to you? Do you think this sounds like a fun game that your dogs would enjoy? Are you looking for a good laugh? Then come find us on the field, I promise it will be a very entertaining watch.

Next to Temptation Alley will be Doggy Dash (basically dog hurdles) which seemed to be very popular last year. There will be several human games to take part in too such as pin the tag on the dog (not a real dog, don’t worry), guess the dog’s name and mystery bottle. It’s going to be a very FUN Day (see what I did there?).

The main event, the dog show, will be starting at 12pm with the Best Oldie class. Then there will be a variety of categories from silly to serious throughout the day ending with Best in Show at 3.50pm. There will be an interval at 1.30pm for a display from “The A Team” which I have been told is very exciting. Rumour has it that there are dogs jumping through fired hoops at some point, so it’s worth a watch!

So, come join the fun on Sunday. Bring your dogs, kids, aunts, uncles, grannies, anyone you like. There is a £5 entry fee per car and each dog show category is £2. We can’t wait to see you!

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