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Life in the Eyes of a Dogs Trust Events Assistant

Josie and Alice

Hello, as you may have read from the last Snetterton blog post, my name is Josie Campbell and I am working with Paige and Kate to help organise the annual Snetterton Fun Day. I started on the 1st of April and trying to navigate around the centre the first few days was a bit difficult. It’s like a maze!

One month in however and I can proudly say I can walk straight from the office to the toilet and back without getting lost once! Anyway, you’re probably not here to listen to me talk about toilet breaks so I’ll get on with some real news. Although my role is events assistant I have also attended community talks, helped collect donation tins and boxes from shops and have managed to get a bit of an understanding into what the life of an SRO looks like.

It’s a very varied job with a good balance of office work and going out in the community. I am always amazed at the amount of kind donations that are given to the charity. When out on talks we usually take a collection tin for if anyone wants to donate any money and it’s almost overwhelming the generosity of the community. There is something about dogs that just pull on the heart strings of many and it’s times like these that make me so proud to be working for such a great charity.

The Fun Day is the biggest source of income for our Snetterton Rehoming Centre. Last year it brought in just under £10,000 which all went towards maintaining the centre and ensuring the dogs had the best quality of care possible. This year, with my help, we are determined to reach and exceed the £10,000 mark. Many of the centres host their Fun Days offsite but the nice thing about ours is that we have a big enough field to allow us to hold it in-house. This helps keep costs down and allows the public to get a behind the scenes look into the working centre. It is also very beneficial for the dogs that are looking to be rehomed as they get a chance to show their best “I’m so cute please take me home” face (which they have all perfected down to a T).

The Fun Day is on Sunday 12th May from 11.30-16.00 and I hope to see as many of you two legged and four legged supporters there as possible. There will be fun dog shows such as best biscuit catcher and waggiest tail, stall holders selling a variety of different items, refreshment stalls and we are very excited to announce that Van Vino will be there supplying some alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy!

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And on that exciting note, I will end with a shoutout to Alice, pictured with me above, who was the star of the show at a talk in Thetford. See what I mean about the face?