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It must be love!

Dog with love cushion

Wow what a year it’s been, okay it’s only February right now, but it has officially been twelve months since starting maternity leave! And now I’m back.

A whole calendar year disappeared in a haze of playgroups, lost mittens, fellow mums, crumpets (cut the ‘right’ way of course), negotiations, structural engineering/den building, rocket manufacturing with limited resources (toilet rolls), late night parties (but not the kind with cocktails, the kind with tears and tantrums), and multi-tasking in a way my brain was never programmed to do! And coffee, which I now drink, and adore! (what happened there, it used to be green tea all the way?!). There’s a lot of things I’m still puzzling over, that probably isn’t the biggest issue!

When the alarm went off at 6.35am at the beginning of February, it was a painful sound, I dragged my reluctant hibernating body out of bed, to tame hair Hagrid would have been proud of, in to something vaguely passable, and started the wild exciting challenge of getting two small people fed, packed up, and to the right places on time, so I could get on the road to work again!

Something surprising happens though, when you arrive at Dogs Trust, no matter what’s going on elsewhere, all that jazz and merry madness disappears the second you walk through the Rehoming Centre Doors…there’s this inexplicably calm vibe that just kind of radiates around. And it’s impossible not to be affected. Maybe because I’ve been away, or maybe because it’s February, and we tend to focus on what we adore for at least one day this month, but it suddenly hit me… it must be love!

How could it not be, if there’s one creature on earth that epitomises love, it’s got to be dogs hasn’t it?! And we are surrounded by them, we have them to thank for this gentle aura that breezes around everywhere, everyday. And that’s not it, as well the unconditional love that our canine residents emanate (despite what they might have been through before reaching us), we have the staff that love them back! AND the adopters that come in and find love! AND the supporters, who may not be able to have a dog but, regardless of this, love them, and want to help them with crazy wonderful feats of fundraising!

We are bowled over every day by LOVE! Our beautiful dogs, who never give up on us, and our wonderful supporters who make it all possible…thank you. We LOVE you.

And…it’s LOVE-ly to be back!