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"I thought you said 'balls'!"

Snetterton SROs visit Mundford Boules Club

We’ve been out in friendly force again this week; Paige, myself, and our gorgeous four legged colleague (and quite frankly, star of the show), Pippa.

This time we were heading south of the Snetterton Rehoming Centre for a talk at the Mundford Boules Club. Sorry Pippa ‘boules’ not ‘balls’! Although fun was definitely had by us all, even without any of either!

Talks are one of the best parts of the job as a Supporter Relations Officer (SRO), we basically get to know the beautiful people, and countryside, of East Anglia by travelling out to different organisations, and social groups, to shout about the projects that we are working on, and the incredible dogs we meet along the way. As well as throwing in some of our fascinating history, and facts about our twenty one UK Rehoming Centres.

  • Did you know we were founded by a Lady in 1891!
  • OR that you can make socks from dog hair?!
  • And, what radio station do you think our dogs listen to in the afternoons?

WARNING: Our talks do contain fun!

Typically we talk, alongside a colourful PowerPoint presentation, that is crammed full of photos of our canine friends, and fascinating new videos about our work. Our talks can be anywhere between 30 – 50 minutes, tailored to your groups needs. And there is always time for a Question & Answer session, as well as lots of cuddles with which ever wonderful furry friend we have on the road with us.

If you are in need of a dog fix, want to kick back and relax whilst you listen to our dulcet tones (we hope they’re dulcet anyway!) or keen to enjoy canine cuddles, this is certainly for you! We do not charge a fee for coming out, as we are delighted to share our work with you, however donations for our wonderful canine residents are never refused, of course.

Myself, and Paige are just an email away if you want to book a Talk in your area, or indeed a tour of the Rehoming Centre here at Snetterton (we’re booking in to 2020 already if you want to get super organised). We love to hear from fellow dog lovers about anything and everything, and we are always delighted when we get to meet you in person. 

Ps Thank you to the wonderful Mundford Lunch Club, for a very fun afternoon this week!

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