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How Paige had a dog-friendly wedding

Paige on her wedding day with her family dogs Pippa and Baxter

Since it is such a special occasion, it's hardly a surprise that more and more people want to include their whole family in their wedding celebrations, including beloved four-legged companions.

Including our best friends in our lives in this way is a wonderful way to celebrate just how much we treasure them, so it's important to consider how our dogs might feel being present at a wedding party and considering how you can make the day dog-friendly. Paige, one of our Supporter Relations Officers at Dogs Trust Snetterton, did just that. We found out more about her love of dogs and how she included her family pooches in her wedding.

Paige's story

Paige has been working for Dogs Trust since 2011. She has always loved dogs and animals so she was thrilled to join Dogs Trust. In 2016, Paige relocated to Norfolk after applying for the role of Supporter Relations Officer at Dogs Trust Snetterton. Our Supporter Relations Officers (SROs) work closely with the local community to help spread the work about our work, and to help our supporters with any queries about Dogs Trust.

The role of Supporter Relations Officer is quite varied, from offering free talks and rehoming centre tours to community groups to dealing with local enquiries about donations in memory of a loved one. SROs are also responsible for our annual Fun Days and Christmas Fairs.

To find out more about how your Supporter Relations Officer can help you, visit your local Rehoming Centre page for details.

Paige recently tied the knot at Norfolk's Bressingham Hall, and along with her family and friends, she was also joined by family dogs Baxter the Labrador and Pippa the Spaniel. Whilst planning her wedding, Paige purposely sought out a dog-friendly venue for the reception, so her favourite pooches could be included in the big day. She also made sure that they had their own special area in the grounds where they could relax, and they also had company throughout the celebrations to keep them occupied and happy.

Our top tips for a dog-friendly wedding

Prepare the environment

  • Make sure your dog always has access to water.
  • Provide your dog with their own little den, set up somewhere slightly away from all the action.
  • Give someone trusted responsibility for your dog's care, including making sure no-one disturbs them if they are resting - making a polite sign might help remind people to leave your dog alone when necessary.
  • Have a known and trusted dog-walker booked and reliable friends/relatives prepared to step in too.

Prepare your guests

  • Encourage anyone caring for your dog to learn about dog body language and communication.
  • Make sure your guests know your dog will be present during the day – this allows parents, as well as those people who are perhaps scared of dogs, to prepare themselves and their children in advance. Visit for more resources.

Prepare your dog

  • Teach your dog skills such as settling/relaxing, how to meet other dogs and people, behaviour around food and self-control. Watch our training videos.
  • Consider attending Dog School classes to ensure your dog has the skills they need.
  • Acclimatise your dog to the journey and the venue itself.

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