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Only a 'fool' would pass Boycee the Boxer by...

Beautiful Boxer Boycee much like his namesake from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ is a dapper gent who knows what he likes. The seven-year-old Boxer Crossbreed is known at Dogs Trust Shoreham as a charismatic chap, who staff suspect may not have snapped up his special someone due to his age.

Despite a distinguished silvery speckled beard that is a tell-tale sign of the seven years he has under his belt, Boycee still lives his best life everyday like a youthful pooch would. The spritely lad is full of life, both in mind and physically – and he’s always keen for an adventure believing ‘he who dares wins’ and adores a game with his toys in the garden.

Dogs Trust Shoreham’s Rehoming Centre Manager Tracey Rae said:

“Boycee is only the equivalent of 49 in human years and has so much to offer to his new home. He wears his age well and has the playfulness of a puppy – but paired with the charm and character of a gentleman.

“Our special boy would suit active new owners and he’d be keen for them to be home most of the time, so they can keep him company. His love of affection and desire to be in the presence of his favourite people means that he can find time alone a little difficult.

“Given a bit of time and patience, you’ll have a friend for life in Boycee.”

Boycee’s ideal home would be a multiple-person residency, where he could enjoy his environment as the only pet. He is happy to live with children over the age of 12 and will need a garden of his own to burn off some steam from time to time where he can feel free to be a bit of a ‘plonker’.

If you think having Boycee in your life would ‘lovely jubbly’ and he’d make a ‘cushti’ addition to your home please contact the centre on 0300 303 0292.