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'Invisible dog' is rescue centre marvel

Forget X Men, it’s all about Rex Men at Dogs Trust Shoreham. The rehoming centre has nicknamed one of its four-legged residents ‘Nightpawler’ after the superhero character with a knack for transporting himself into the shadows, because he is continually going unnoticed by potential adopters.

Eighteen month old Labrador cross Samuel is known to staff at the Sussex-based rehoming centre as the ‘invisible dog’ because, since arriving at the rehoming centre in earlier this year, he has been overlooked by hundreds of potential owners. In fact, it’s estimated that during his stay, nearly 1,000 people have passed the loveable hound by without so much as a glance toward his kennel.

Despite taking him out on hundreds of walks around the rehoming centre grounds, decorating his kennel with posters and taking lots of pictures to showcase his playful nature, Samuel has remained in the shadow of his fellow residents. Staff are flummoxed as to why this loveable lad hasn’t caught the eye of a new owner yet and hope he will find a super new home soon.

Tracey Rae, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham comments,

“Samuel is a happy, friendly boy who loves meeting new people so it’s baffling that despite our very best efforts, people just aren’t drawn to him. We’ve tried absolutely everything but it’s as if he has an invisible shield around him. We thought that by nicknaming him after the Nightcrawler we might be able to attract potential owners to come along, meet him and find out what a lovely dog he really is, as it’s a marvel that he hasn’t found a new home yet.”

“Samuel is a clever chap who loves learning new things. He is best suited to a home with a secure garden where he can run and play to his heart’s content. He is looking for an active family who can be around for most of the day to keep him company. He really will make a wonderful companion and we hope that X will soon mark the spot of a new home for him.”

If you think you would like to give a rescue dog a happy home, please get in touch with Dogs Trust Shoreham on 0300 303 0292.