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Chihuahua who cannot be without his larger than life besties

Jack is a three-year-old Chihuahua Cross Boston Terrier at Dogs Trust Shoreham who may be small in stature but loves nothing more than hanging out with his larger friends. He came into the rehoming centre in December last year and staff soon noticed that he was far more comfortable in the company of bigger dogs.

This little lad has built unlikely friendships with a Great Dane called Guru, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Kara, a German Pointer called Squid and he was happily sharing his kennel space in the company of a Golden Labrador called Ramsey, all of whom have now been rehomed but Jack is still patiently waiting.

Rehoming Centre Manager Tracey Rae said: “Jack is so sweet natured and such a funny little character, despite his size he actually thrives when around much bigger dogs.

“He’ll need a home where they have a medium to large dog already as he looks to them for support and feels much more at ease in their presence, than smaller dogs or dogs his own size.

“I think poor Jack often feels a little intimidated by smaller breeds and didn’t mix as well with them at the centre, we were surprised to see that when mixed with some of our larger residents, he was right at home.”

The ideal owners for Jack would be a family who understand he can lack in confidence and are happy for him to build bonds at his own pace. If you’d enjoy his company and are happy to sit back and watch his cheeky antics, you could be perfect for him.

Jack will need an adult-only home without visiting children where he can do all of his favourites things like playing with his toys, enjoying a tasty treat and spending time with compatible dogs that are bigger than him – a calm and docile, larger canine companion in the home would be his dream. He’d love a doggy housemate that he can snuggle up with, who’d show him the ropes and he can rely on for reassurance.

A private garden for Jack to enjoy play and exercise with his new forever friend is essential as he’s still working on facing the bigger wide world. With time he will blossom into a lovely confident little character and his special someone will find great reward in gently guiding him while he makes small, but life changing achievements.

If you could offer Jack the perfect home,
please call the centre on 0300 303 0292