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Canine Christmas crackers at Dogs Trust Shoreham hope it will be New Year, new home!


9 years old, Shar Pei Cross

Fun, enthusiastic boy who is young at heart and loves to play. It’ll take him a little longer to build up a bond with, but the friendship you’ll gain will be truly special. Sizzles loves your company and affection once he knows you and will impress you with all the tricks that he’s learnt!

Home needed: Adult only, local to the Shoreham rehoming centre, quiet lifestyle with a predictable routine.

Has been at the Shoreham centre since May 2017 but has been in kennels for most of his life


3 years old, Dalmatian

Very active boy who loves his walks in quiet areas, playing a game with his toys and learning new things. Although he's an independent lad, once you've built up a strong bond with Duke, he'll enjoy being in your company and greet you with an excitable waggy-tail.

Home needed: Active owners who can continue his training, relaxing environment, to live with adults only, local to the Shoreham rehoming centre.

Has been at the Shoreham centre since May 2017


3 years old, Jack Russell Terrier Cross Spitz

Toby’s a smart chap who enjoys interacting by showing off all his tricks and playing a game of fetch. He’s very playful and especially loves a squeaky ball!

Home needed: adult only, owners who are keen to continue his on-going training, only pet at home.

Has been at Shoreham since July 2018


6 years old, French Bulldog Cross Bichon Frise

He enjoys his training and going for quiet walkies. Oscar travels well in the car, and this will be advantageous if needing to travel to the quiet, remote locations that he desires. Likes to build up a bond at his own pace but once he knows you he can be a very affectionate little dog who really enjoys your company.

Has been at Shoreham since May 2018


8 years old, Labrador Crossbreed.

He is a gentle and sensitive soul with a lot of love to give, but with a few insecurities about the world. This big softy has been known to cuddle up to a toy when he goes to bed and is partial to a tasty treat or two!

Home needed: Quiet, relaxed lifestyle, could possibly live with the right calm and friendly dog, multi-person, adult only household with minimal visitors.

Has been at Shoreham since March 2017


2 years old, Labrador Crossbreed.

Buddy is an adorable dog who is lots of fun to be around. His favourite pastimes are: Spending time with his human pals, playing with other dogs, walkies in quiet areas and settling down with a tasty chew after a long day.

Home needed: Cannot live with cats but can live with other friendly and playful dogs. He can live with teens aged 16 plus and will need to live in a multiple-person residency, with owners who are always about the house to spend time with him.

Been at Shoreham since June 2017


8 years old, Lurcher

Benny is always happy to greet new people and would enjoy a home with owners who have the time to spend with him as he loves one on one attention. Benny loves playing with his toys and learning new things. He’s recently learnt a dance routine with one of his carers!

Home needed: Only pet at home, can live with teens aged 16 plus, will need quiet walks and a secure garden of his own.

Been at Shoreham since March 2017


1 ½ year old Labrador Cross Collie

Kobe is young, excitable and full of energy. He’s currently undergoing training with our behavioural team before he begins his search for his forever home. But please keep a lookout for Kobe on our website, as it shouldn’t hopefully be too much longer until he is ready.

Home needed: While he undergoes training, we cannot be fully sure of his home needs. However, we do already know that he’ll be looking for an active family who are able to embrace his breed traits.

Been at Shoreham since June 2018


12 year old Newfoundland Crossbreed.

Max is an endearing older gentleman who enjoys the peaceful side of life. Relaxing on a cosy bed and tucking into a tasty meal are his favourite pastimes. In the summer he likes to wade about in the water and go on little potters in quiet areas.

Home needed: A quiet, adult only household with no visiting children where he can relax and take life easy. He will need to be the only pet and live local to the Shoreham rehoming centre.

Been at Shoreham since July 2013


3 year old Collie Crossbreed.

Yoda is a very sweet boy with a sensitive character. With patience and a gentle approach, you’ll soon begin to build a friendship with Yoda, but he’d like to build a bond at his own pace. He LOVES his food and exploring on quiet walks, so these are great ways to make friends with him.

Home needed: A quiet lifestyle, a garden of his own, an adult only home with no visiting children, he cannot live with cats, but could possibly live with another easy-going dog.

Came into Shoreham October 2018


13 years old, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross English Bull Terrier

Sophie is a loveable lady with a gentle character. Her favourite things to do are: finding toys and carrying them to her bed to build up her collection, munching on a tasty treat, short walkies in quiet areas or snuggling up next to her favourite people.

Home needed: a multi-person, quiet and peaceful household, a garden of her own to relax in, only pet but could live with teenagers over the age of 16.


9 years old, Labrador Crossbreed

Possibly one of the smartest dogs at the centre, Herbie knows a vast array of tricks and he’s always keen to show them off! He’s a laid-back chap who likes to make friends at his own pace, but will be a friend for life once he knows you well. He walks beautifully on lead and loves to have a leisurely mooch about on his walks.

Home needed: Adult only, no visiting children, minimal visitors, quiet and local home, could possibly live with a well-suited dog and is happy to live with small furry pets.

Been at Shoreham since February 2017

If you are interested in rehoming one of the dogs at Dogs Trust Shoreham, please call them on 0300 303 0292