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Lazy Lurchers at Dogs Trust Shoreham Celebrate National Lazy Day

It’s National Lazy Day on Saturday 10th August and Dogs Trust Shoreham are celebrating with some of our laziest dogs – and you might be surprised to know what breed they are! Dogs Trust have lots of Lurchers in our care looking for their fur-ever homes. This is likely due to the common misconception that leggy dogs need significantly more exercise than other breeds.

In fact, Lurchers and Greyhounds love a short burst of energy and often enjoy a chance to learn new things, but then they love to spend the rest of the day lounging on a comfy sofa, earning them the nickname of the 45mph couch potato. Here are just some of Dogs Trust Shoreham’s lazy but leggy hounds up for rehoming: 

  • Alby is a young boy with a lot of love to give. He has a sensitive soul and a few worries about the world, but also has an endearing, cheeky character that is hard not to love. He likes to look to his human pals for guidance when he's unsure and is always keen to show you his affection. Alby is enthusiastic about most things in life, including: food, playing with toys, going for walks and spending time with people. 
  • Benny is always happy to greet new people. He is an active chap aged eight and would enjoy a home with owners who have the time to spend with him as he loves one on one attention. Benny loves playing with his toys. He's a bright lurcher who picks things up quickly and likes learning.
  • Harley is a young Lurcher Crossbreed with a lively nature and endearing character. Despite his turbulent past, Harley has lots of love to offer a loving family. He may take a little longer to build up a bond, but once he knows you well, he'll love to be right by your side & relish your affection. Harley adores his food, whether it's tucking into his dinner, being rewarded with a treat or relaxing with a long-lasting chew!

Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham, Tracey Rae said: 

“It is such a shame that our Lurchers and Greyhounds have the reputation that they are a handful and need lots of exercise when it is actually the complete opposite! These gentle giants tend to want nothing but love and a comfy bed to snuggle up in. 

We have lots of Sighthounds at Shoreham with their paws crossed for a loving fur-ever home, so please consider this brilliant breed when thinking of adopting a dog!” 

If you think one of these lazy Lurchers could be the one for you, visit Dogs Trust Shoreham or call the centre on 01273 452576.