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Volunteer Appreciation Party!

Shoreham SRO’s Lisa & Pia were lucky enough to be involved in the Shoreham Volunteer Appreciation Party!

Shorehams volunteers help with a wide range of tasks from weeding the exercise runs to home visiting but once a year they all come together to help with a biggest event of the year – our Fun Day!

With thousands of visitors and their canine companions joining us on bank holiday Sunday for fun and games there’s so much to do and we literally couldn’t do it without their support.

This year we raised over £15000 which was an incredible amount and our best year ever!

Today we donned party hats, blew bubbles, enjoyed party snacks and celebrated how wonderful our volunteers are.

We hope they left feeling very appreciated this national Volunteer Appreciation Week!

If you’d like to know more about our work and events please contact Lisa & Pia on 01273 466971 or [email protected] and [email protected]