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Conversations of Mortality

Last Saturday we ventured out to visit our very first ‘Death Café’ in Croydon. ‘Death Cafés’ are facilitated non-profit gatherings, providing a relaxed, safe and friendly place for people to talk openly about different aspects of death. These monthly meetings are informal, insightful and far from morbid!

It was lovely to meet our host, Celebrant Debi, as well as all other delightful attendants and actively engage in a whole range of death related topics! It’s also been a great opportunity to highlight our FREE Canine Care Card scheme that can offer owners peace of mind and secure their dog’s future, should anything happen to them.

As part of a global movement with over 4000 ‘Death Cafés’ held internationally to date, it’s about breaking down the silence around death and support people to start thinking, talking, planning and ultimately recording their wishes.

Making a Will or updating your existing Will is the only way to ensure that those you love will be looked after and that your money benefits the people or causes that you really care about. This is also why we strongly recommend, once signed up for our Canine Care Card Scheme, to add an appropriate note to your Will, so there won’t be any confusion about your wishes.

Give more dogs a brighter future…

Looking after so many dogs inevitably involves a lot of food, bedding, veterinary care – and plenty of TLC! We currently spend around £3 million on vets’ bills along – with medical treatment ranging from the day-to-day kind, to emergencies, serious operations and long-term care.

Thankfully, many people who join the Canine Care Card Scheme also decide to leave us a gift in their Will, as a way of saying thank you for securing the safe & happy future of their canine companions.

Every gift left in a Will to Dogs Trust is precious to all the dogs that currently receive our love and care, as well as the many more that will need us to be there for them in the years to come.

To find out more about the Canine Care Card Scheme or a confidential chat about leaving a gift in your Will to Dogs Trust, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Tel. 01273 466 971 or email [email protected] & [email protected].