Shoreham residents make life-changing achievements with the help of staff! | Dogs Trust

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Shoreham residents make life-changing achievements with the help of staff!

Training dogs

Dogs come into our care of all shapes and sizes, with differing characters and from a variety of backgrounds.

There will undoubtedly be times when dogs come to us with insecurities and worries within themselves, about a particular area, or about the world at whole.

A fundamental part of our jobs as carers for these animals, is to do our very best to help them combat their worries and support the growth of their confidence. All in aid of upping their chances of finding a forever home and making their day-to-day life easier overall.

Reward-based training is used throughout Dogs Trust as the most effective way for our dogs to progress, while working alongside our staff. But this can often take time to reach the end goal!

This month here at Shoreham, we are completely over-the-moon with the success of two of our clever canines for having achieved so significantly in their training.

Buddy, our Labrador Crossbreed, arrived at our centre feeling a little uncertain about other dogs and with the need to be homed as the only pet. However, with consistent training at a sensible pace, Buddy has gradually learnt to social skills that have completely changed his life. He now LOVES the company of other dogs, so-much-so, that he’s on the lookout for a home with another, well-suited canine chum, who he can look to for support.

Little Chihuahua Crossbreed, Jack, entered our care feeling so overwhelmed about the big wide world that he was reluctant to even step a few feet outside of his kennel. While unfamiliar environments are still something that can make Jack feel wary, he has progressed so much that he now enjoys exploring the outdoors in known areas. He is also showing his confidence around people and has built a great bond with his trainer, revealing his cheeky character more and more each day!

To read more about these loveable lads, please visit the rehoming page of our website. If you think you may be interested in offering one of them a forever home, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0300 303 0292 or coming to visit the centre. We are based at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT.