National Siblings Day - The ‘unofficial’ brothers— Dom and Biggles

Sandy in colour, leggy in stature and lively, yet sensitive in nature – meet Dom and Biggles.

These adorable pair of Lurcher’s have such uncanny similarities that the team here at Shoreham are almost certain that they are brothers from the same litter!

Both boys came into the care of Dogs Trust Shoreham after originally being found as strays from two separate organisations— so of course, the suspicion of their relation can only ever be considered a rumour, as there is not enough information to confirm whether our speculations are true…

However, we like to tell ourselves the ‘tail’ of the two brothers who were separated on the streets, and found each other once again, when reunited in our care!

Biggles and Dom are both dogs who tend to find socialising with other canines a little challenging, due to their highly stimulated temperaments and general worry when faced with uncertainties.

Despite this, they have both been making great improvements when it comes to meeting other dogs and have been building on their own friendship too! The pair both enjoy occasional meetups and can happily walk alongside one another on their walks.

While the enthusiastic three-year-olds will need to be the only pets at home, they’d both benefit from continuing to develop their socialisation skills with the support of their humans.

To find out more about Dom and Biggles’ similarities and to see what makes them both wonderful as individuals, please check out their profiles on the rehoming page of our website.