Man planting trees

Not all heroes wear capes, some plant trees!

Non-profit, community interest company—More Trees Please— have kindly donated and planted an abundance of trees at our rehoming centre on behalf of ‘Tree Action UK’.

Based in Sussex, founder Chris Platt and a group of local volunteers can often be found spreading the gift of greenery in the local community, and this year we were lucky enough to receive their visit!

Armed with a donation of saplings, the More Trees Please team began planting in one of our open fields; a space that was previously lacking in very much at all.

The trees will be a great addition to our field and will become even more beneficial as they grow, not only to the environment, but to the welfare of our furry-residents. We are looking forward to the future, when we can use them to shelter under from extreme weather, shield behind when unsociable dog’s cross paths, or for our pooches to enjoy an extra, enriching ‘sniffing spot’.

Group of men and a child digging for More Trees Please  

Photographed here is Chris, Sam, Phil and Arnie— just one half of the hardworking team who showed up to shovel. They were later joined by more helpful humans, which was very much needed considering the dry soil that they had to contend with!

Both the staff and the dogs here at Shoreham are feeling incredibly grateful for all of their efforts, so we’d just like to give them a shoutout and express our thanks, woofs and wags for making our centre a cleaner-aired, greener space to be.

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