Sponsor Dog Boogie turns 10!

Our beautiful Beagle Boogie celebrated his 10th Birthday on 1st March.

His absolute favourite thing to do is use his nose to sniff out and search for treats— fun for his brain, and for his tum! So, for one of his birthday surprises, we set up an enriching treat trail and hid some of the ‘food-based’ gifts that had been sent into him by his wonderful Sponsor’s.


He sniffed his way through a paddling pool filled with plastic balls and confetti shreds, food puzzles, tyres, and a snuffle mat – and we’re pretty sure he managed to gobble up every treat that was hidden! Some of the amazing toys he had been sent in were wrapped up and hidden on his treat trail. Although he seemed more interested in ripping up the wrapping paper than playing with his new gifts, we can assure you he had lots of fun playing with them once back in his kennel (and away from the distraction of food!).

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of Boogie’s Sponsor pals for sending him birthday messages, cards, money, toys, treats, blankets and more! We really do appreciate it and know that Boogie does even more so.


Since he’s now a 10-year-old, here’s 10 things that we LOVE about Boogie:

  1. His distinctive voice. Whenever Boogie’s on the move, the whole centre knows about it –
  2. it’s the biggest, booming, Beagle “Bork”, and it never fails to put a smile on our faces!
  3. Despite being a ‘senior’ dog, Boogie doesn’t let his age defy him, and runs about and plays like he’s still a pup.
  4. He’s very clever! This super smart boy has been known to “out-wit” us on a number of occasions… we think he secretly watches Scooby-Doo in his spare time!
  5. His cheeky character. Boogie is great fun to be around and is constantly making us laugh with his antics.
  6. Watching him work his way through—even the trickiest of— food-puzzles, treat-trails and various enrichment activities with such ease, is always amazing to witness!
  7. He eats his greens. It is no secret that Boogie LOVES his food, but the fact that he’s not opposed to eating veggies with his meals, is both adorable but also helpful when we’re needing to watch his weight.
  8. Easy-going walkies… he’s good at walking on his lead and harness and doesn’t mind bumping into other people or dogs – making offsite adventures all the more fun!
  9. The way he provides support for other dogs. Boogie has been a great role model and friend to many dogs who are lacking in confidence. He happily shares his kennel with other dogs and gives them the courage they need to start enjoying life.
  10. He tucks himself in at bedtime *watery eye emoji*. If you haven’t seen him turn himself into a big, blanket sausage roll then you need to take a look here…
  11. We’ve never met another dog quite like him. Boogie is completely unique and we’re all very grateful to spend so much time with such a fun, cheeky and loveable character.


Boogie is calling Dogs Trust Shoreham his home for now, so we always ensure to make him feel extra loved and as comfortable as possible. We are incredibly grateful to his wonderful Sponsors who help us to support his care and wanted to once again thank each and every one of you for making such a difference.