Introducing Sponsor Dog Herbie

Meet Herbie – he’s Shoreham’s latest addition to the Sponsor Dog squad!

This calm-natured chap adores the company of his people pals and engaging with them in a game of fetch, having cuddles or when practicing his training.

Bright as a button, Herbie has been dubbed “Shoreham’s smartest dog” – he knows a variety of tricks including: Sit, Down, Paw, Touch, Snoot, Spin, Chin Target, High-Ten, Rollover, Weave in between legs, Wave and Hand Target.


He’s also brilliant at working with his main handler—Tasha, on his behavioural training. This includes practicing his focus work when seeing strangers and building in confidence around formal handling and vet visits.

When Herbie first arrived at Dogs Trust he was very wary of new people and although he’s made some very close bonds with the staff at the centre, being in the presence of unknown people is something that he may always find a challenge.

While Herbie isn’t currently available for adoption, he has made himself at home within the Rehoming Centre, where he can thrive in the comfort of a predictable routine and receive plenty of guidance and training from people who adore him.

His day is full of all his favourite things— splashing about in the on-site river (or his very own paddling pool), making friends with new doggy-pals, sunbathing in the garden that backs onto his kennel or showing off all of his best tricks when with his most-loved humans.

There is no doubt that Herbie is receiving the best care while he’s with us, and the help from a fantastic community of Sponsor’s makes is what helps to make it all possible!

If you’d like to sponsor Herbie, your support will supply the day-to-day running of any home-essentials – including food, electricity, water and heating. The funds raised from your sponsorship will also go towards enrichment to keep him occupied throughout the day and training from our specialist team.

Create a sponsorship account to become one of Herbie’s pals or visit the rehoming page of our website if you are looking to adopt a dog.