Dogs Trust Shoreham’s 2020 Recap

While we’re already a few weeks into 2021, we just wanted to recap on 2020 – and wish all of our supporters a (slightly belated, but nonetheless) ‘Yappy’ New Year!

It was certainly a very different year than any of us could have ever anticipated, but we feel very thankful to have been able to continue in our mission to find Forever Home’s for the dogs in our care – and new furry-family members for those of you who have chosen to adopt rather than shop.

Last year urged us to adapt to new ways of working and despite many setbacks, (and some sadness, such as when losing our much-loved Sponsor Dog, the late Maximillian) it has also had its blessings. With more time to spend on one-to-one dog training, our Canine Carers & Training and Behavioural Team have been able to progress vital skills within our dogs.

So, it seems without coincidence that many of our ‘long-term’ residents finally left the building last year –many of whom had been in our care for over a year (or more in some cases!). Here is a list of names, of just some of the dogs who will forever hold a special place in our hearts –and the length of time they resided with us.

    • AJ (04/2020- 09/2020)
    • Alfie (04/2019- 03/2020)
    • Alice (04/2019- 12/2020)
    • Archie (05/2018- 08/2020)
    • Bagel (09/2019- 06/2020)
    • Benny (Sponsor Dog) (03/2017- 07/2020)
    • Billy (06/2019- 02/2020)
    • Bobby (08/2018-07/2020)
    • Boycee (09/2019- 07/2020)
    • Harley (12/2019- 07/2020)
    • Honey Bee (10/2019- 05/2020)
    • Jake (11/2018- 12/2020)
    • Joshua (12/2019- 06/2020)
    • Oliver (09/2019- 07/2020)
    • Paddy (11/2019- 08/2020)
    • Polly (06/2019- 07/2020)
    • Rosie (04/2020 - 09/2020)
    • Sally (07/2019 - 02/2020)

But of course, we said our bittersweet goodbyes to so many more. In fact, throughout 2020, we rehomed a total of 191 dogs. That’s 191 dogs who will be resting their heads every night, feeling full of warmth and contentment – and then waking every morning to a family who loves them. This is the thing that keeps us moving forward, and makes us all feel very proud. And we couldn’t have done it without all of your help!


We’d like to thank each and every one of our supporters for all you have done for us and our four-legged-friends. Whether that be the kindness from two local young ladies who sold their artworks to neighbours in order to raise money for our dogs, the generosity of the community who came together to provide us with treats, toys and bedding for our residents, anyone who has sent us kind messages to keep us motivated, the efforts that went into knitting over 100 handmade blankets when we were heading into the colder months, the many of you who have sent us in items from our Amazon Wishlist, to the people who made the difficult, yet responsible decision and chose us to rehome their dogs when they could no longer care for them, and lastly to the many of you who have chosen to adopt, rather than shop for a new furry family member.

If the past year has taught us one thing, it’s that the generosity and kindness from fellow ‘dog-devoted-animal-lovers’ is abundant, and we could not be more grateful! Please continue to follow our journey on social media, and help us to continue spreading the word about the dogs in our care. You can find us on Instagram: @dogstrust_shoreham and Twitter: @DT_Shoreham – for more information on any of our dogs please visit our website.

We wish you all much health & happiness for the year ahead and look forward to welcoming you back to our centre in the (hopefully) not too distant future.