The month of March brings much joy for Boogie

Boogie sleeping

There is no one doggo who loves a ‘duvet day’ much more than our very own bed-loving, Beagle, Boogie. 

As this month marks ‘National Bed Month’, we are just certain that he’ll be sleepily celebrating every day of March.  

As it gets closer to bedtime, we often find ourselves doing a double take to check whether Boogie is still in his kennel.

If we don’t catch this heavy-eyed hound in the act – wrapping himself underneath his duvet or blankets, we’ll find him already cocooned in his nest, ready for a good-nights rest.

By morning he can either be found sprawled out on top of his bed – not quite prepared to rise and shine, or ready and rearing to go – keen for his breakfast and eager to see what the day brings. Quite possibly the most relatable dog ever?!

Either way, we thought that Boogie deserved a shout out on his favourite month of the year…

He also celebrated his birthday on the 1st – making this an extra special month indeed. We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all his lovely Sponsor pals who sent in cards and presents and to those who shared their birthday wishes.

Boogie celebrating his birthday Nine-year-old Boogie had a wonderful day celebrating and had a relaxed walk in the fields with his kennel-mate Honey Bee, worked his way through a ‘treat hunt’ trail and was then presented with a dog-friendly birthday cake (which he demolished within seconds)!

Take a look at the post on our Instagram @dogstrust_shoreham to see Boogie in action. 

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