Shar Pei’s surgery sets her up for success

Polly's face, before and after

We often hear people start the New Year by proclaiming “New Year, new me” … but for our Shar Pei – Polly, it quite literally is.

Due to having excess skin (a common complication for her breed) Polly had been struggling with sores where her skin overlapped, and she also had vision impairment. To prevent re-occurring infections, she had to endure a daily routine of having her eyes washed, followed by having two sets of eye medication, administered THREE TIMES A DAY!

Polly's Face Before  

As you can imagine, with limited vision and the constant invasion of daily handling, Polly had a few worries about the world around her; becoming sensitive to sound, sudden movements and unfamiliar people approaching. With these challenges, it was difficult to progress with her training and get her to a comfortable stage to begin building confidence. 

In order improve her overall welfare, our Veterinary and Behaviour Team decided that a surgical ‘face lift’ would be the best option.  

Polly's face with stitches  

While it took Polly some time to recover, with lots of extra TLC from her carer’s – she is now feeling much, much better…so-much-so, that she has already made significant improvements in her confidence, has decreased in her previous sensitivities and is now ready to begin searching for a home!

Polly after surgery  

If you are interested in providing Polly a place to call Forever, please follow this link to find out the type of home she dreams of. You can give one of our team a call on 01273 452576 or visit Dogs Trust Shoreham at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT if you think you might be her ‘pawfect’ match.