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Volunteers compete to become ‘Shoreham’s Best Baker’

Shoreham Bake-Off Contestants

Our Volunteers always go above and beyond to make sure our dogs are getting extra special love and attention, but this time they went one step further.

In the run up to the season finale of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ – Derek, Emily, Liz, Jeanette, Lindsay and Christina all traded in their red shirts for aprons and got competitive in the kitchen to make dog-friendly showstoppers for our very own ‘Shoreham Bake Off’.

The first round – going simply by appearance and presentation, was judged by our Canine Carer, Alice. It was clear to see that Alice had a tough decision to make, as each of the entries were spectacular in their own right, but decided that it was Jeanette’s ‘Liver Cake’— decorated in representation of our Rehoming Centre, that won. Atop the cake base, Jeanette used squeezy cheese, beef jerky sticks, carrot batons and broccoli florets to create a kennel that was surrounded by scenic fencing and trees.

But it wasn’t over for our other contestants just yet. Our canine judges – Harley, Misty and Dream, then had a chance to sample each of the bakes and together decided upon joint winners of round two. Harley chose Liz’s peanut butter & oat, bone-shaped cookies that had been half dipped in dog-friendly chocolate. Misty chose ‘Christina’s ‘Chees’hond Cookies’ made from meaty beef juices and oats. And Dream had a few favourites but decided the winner in her eyes was ‘Derek’s Delights’, made from peanut butter and oats.

However, it was all down to our very own ‘Paul Holly-woof’, A.K.A – Boycee, who was the overall decider upon who was worthy to receive a ‘paw shake’ and become Shoreham’s Best Baker. Boycee took his time, leaving the contestants in suspense as he walked around the tasty treats and sniffed each one before he sampled his favourite. But yet again, it was Jeanette with her luscious Liver Cake that came out on top! Boycee crowned Jeanette ‘Queen of the Bake Off’ by offering her his paw.

With enough to go around for everyone – the remaining treats didn’t go to waste and were gratefully devoured by each of our residents. Emily’s peanut butter ‘pup cakes’ decorated with gravy bones and her ribbon-tied chicken and parsley bone shaped biscuits went down very well with the dogs, as did Lindsay’s peanut butter and bacon iced biscuits that were cut into paw, bone and star shapes!

Again, we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to our Volunteers for always being up for a challenge, getting involved and bringing fun to our centre. But most importantly, our dogs would like to thank them for the extra tasty treats* and for making their day that little more exciting.

*All treats were 100% safe for consumption, using xylitol-free peanut butter and dog-friendly chocolate.

Give making your very own dog-friendly bakes a go and tag us in your social media posts so we can see! You can reach us on Twitter @DT_Shoreham and on Instagram @dogstrust_shoreham.

Harley, Dream and Boycee are still searching for their Special Someone, so if you think you could offer them a home, please don’t wait to get in touch. You can call us on 01273 452576 or come and visit us. Dogs Trust Shoreham is based at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT.