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Shoreham 'Stars of the Month' Awards

From Golden Oldie to Cuddliest Canine find out who are our Shoreham Stars

Shoreham Stars of the Month February

With award season well underway, we thought “what better time to bring back our ‘Stars of the Month’ awards”…who says trophies are just for humans anyway?!

Our staff have been thinking long and hard about who will top the leader-boards, because all of our doggo’s are just so deserving! However, we have managed to conclude who will win the award for: ‘Golden Oldie’, ‘Popular Pooch’, ‘Gentle Giant’, ‘Cuddliest Canine’ and ‘Highest Achiever’.

The only one we couldn’t decide unanimously for was, who has the ‘Best Ears in the Business’? So we’d love YOUR help to decide. Please vote for who you think has the best ears by visiting the polls on our Social Media channels — Instagram: dogstrust_shoreham, Twitter: DT_Shoreham

Read on below to find out who are this month’s ‘Stars’…

Golden Oldie: Soon to be 70 in human-equivalent years, our sweet Shar Pei cross, Sizzles, wins the award for Golden Oldie. Though don’t let his age fool you — Sizzles could give any spritely Springer pup a run for its money. This active boy loves his walkies in quiet areas, playing a game of football and participating in fun training.

Popular Pooch: This month, it’s come to light that our caring Crossbreed, Mike, has helped so many of his fellow doggy-residents. The staff compiled a list of over 20 dogs (many of whom were shy) that Mike has been a support for throughout his time in our care; helping them to come out of their shell. More about Mike and his story will be featuring on our website soon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you want to find out more!

Gentle Giant: Our loveable Lenny is a large-sized Lurcher, with a huge heart to match. This endearing boy has some sensitivities about the world around him and appreciates the peaceful side of life. Taking time out to relax with a soothing massage is one of his favourite pastimes (be sure to check him out enjoying himself by watching the video on his profile)!

Cuddliest Canine: A super affectionate chap who would spend all day snuggled up if he could, meet Wizz. He LOVES people — whether he's cuddling up next to you for a snooze, being groomed with a soft brush or joining you on a relaxing walk; spending time with his favourite human pals means the world to him.

Highest Achiever: This very prestigious title is awarded to our handsome Harley. He may not be quite there yet, but this clever chap has been making huge progress in his ‘car program’ training. While Harley was once too scared to even approach a stationary vehicle, he is now managing to hop up in and out of the car boot for a moment or two. Way to go Harley!

If you think you may be able to offer any of our dogs their ‘pawfect’ home, then please call us on 0300 303 0292 or come and visit us — Dogs Trust Shoreham is located at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT.