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Honey Bee and Roxy’s First Day at School

Clever Staffies Honey Bee & Roxy aced their first day at Dog School!

Staffies Honey & Roxy ace their first day at Dog School

We are all super proud of Honey Bee and Roxy who aced their first day at dog school.

The pair arrived in class early, so they could settle in, take their seats and adjust to their surroundings before their fellow classmates arrived. The Dog School Coaches had set up the room in a way that meant the girls could have their space at the back and leave at any time should they need to – as little Roxy in particular can feel unconfident around other dogs at times.

Roxy was guided throughout the lesson by our CC2 Trainer – Sophie, while Honey Bee was paired up with our Training and Behavioural Advisor – Laura. Firstly, each of the girls practiced settling on a mat next to their trainers, who were dropping treats as if they fell like magic from the sky! The ‘magic’ treats and a kong kept them occupied and helped them to feel relaxed in one spot.

Then it was time to brush up on a few of the basics. They practiced commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stand’, did some loose-lead walking, and worked on their re-call. During their training sessions they even had time to greet each other for a cheeky hello!

At the end of class, they were set homework and will now (with the help of their carer’s) continue practicing what they had learnt. 

Overall, both the girls did brilliantly and made us feel incredibly proud. We are all now just hoping that they can show off their skills and attract the attention of their Special Someone. 

If you think you might be the one they’ve been waiting for, please don’t hesitate to contact the Shoreham Rehoming Team on 01273 452576 or visit us at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT.