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Boycee celebrates his birthday

Our beautiful Boxer Cross – Boycee, recently celebrated his 8th birthday!

We treated him to a box of wrapped up presents that he couldn’t wait to have lots of fun delving into – especially when beneath the paper revealed some fun new toys to play with, a bag of meaty bites and his favourite fishy chews.

He then had playtime with his carer’s, a relaxing walk in the fields and had a great time using his nose to search for his birthday treats in his snuffle mat (one of Boycee’s most favourite pastimes).

Boycee is very much loved by all of us here at Shoreham and he always has lots of fun with his carer’s, but his dream come true would be to spend his next birthday in the company of his special someone.

Visit Boycee’s profile to find out more about him and please don’t hesitate to contact our rehoming team on 01273 452576 or come and visit us at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT if you think you could be the one he’s been waiting for.