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Diabetic Dog searches for his special someone

Alfie the white Shih Tzu

‘World Diabetes Day’ took place this week, and we’d like to bring to your attention that dogs too, can live with the condition.

Thus, we are appealing for a home for our Diabetic Shih Tzu, Alfie.

Aged approximately six-years-old, Alfie was handed over into our care in April of this year. But despite being super adorable and very popular amongst his carer’s, he hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to finding his special someone.

Staff at our centre believe that his struggles in finding a home, come as a result of his medical issues. Alfie has diabetes and is increasingly losing his eyesight, which means he needs injections and eye medication daily. When Alfie first arrived, he was very shy around people and found receiving his medication all a bit daunting.

After some time and effort, our staff were able to begin building strong bonds with him, worked on building up his confidence, gave him the space he needed and helped to create positive associations around having his jabs, so that he would feel more at ease and able to cope.

Alfie is now looking for owners who won’t disregard him just because of his medical needs, but who will also be sensible and able to administer his medication with confidence.

We think people should love him, because although he has his worries and is a little shy when meeting new people, after you’ve built his friendship, he’ll show off his true, loveable and cheeky character. He LOVES to play with toys, going for little potters, is a great traveller in the car and very affectionate once he knows you well.

With the need for a more consistent routine and some much-desired home comforts, Alfie is currently living in a temporary Foster Home, so please contact our Rehoming Team in advance of your visit if you are wishing to know more about him.

You can call us on 01273 452576 or alternatively, come and visit us. Dogs Trust Shoreham is located at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT.