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‘Adopt don’t shop’ this Black Friday

Our very own black Friday, is feeling super pleased to have a whole day dedicated just to him.

But what’s making him even happier is the prospect of a forever home, as this lucky chap has been reserved!

Whilst Friday is looking forward to the 24th of this month, many of our dogs are still eagerly anticipating the day they meet their special someone.

Dogs Trust Shoreham are therefore hoping that this ‘Black Friday’ will inspire local dog lovers to ditch their shopping bags and think about rehoming one of our beautiful black dogs instead.

Unfortunately, dogs with Black coats are often overlooked. So much so, this phenomenon has been given the title Black Dog Syndrome or Black Dog Bias. Whether it be superstition, or the fact our dark-furred friends are harder to photograph, our black beauties just don’t seem to get the attention that they deserve.

We are optimistic that our handsome Rottweiler Diesel, gorgeous golden-oldie Coco, loveable Crossbreed Slippers and bouncy boy Barley, will break this ridiculous misconception and attract the eyes of their special someone.

If you think you could be a match for one of our ‘pawsome’ four, or are interested in adopting any of the dogs at our centre, then please contact the rehoming team Dogs Trust Shoreham by giving us a call on 0300 303 0292 or come and visit us— we are situated at Brighton Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5LT.