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Breed and coat colour ‘blamed’ for overlooked doggy duo

Dogs Trust Newbury is appealing for homes for two dogs who they believe are being overlooked purely because of their breed and coat colour.

One-year-old black Greyhounds Bobby and Ben have been at the rehoming centre since June 2016 and watched almost 200 of their furry friends find homes ahead of them, including other Greyhounds with a different coat colour. Staff say Bobby and Ben are repeatedly overlooked because potential adopters are falling for the ‘cute and fluffy’ counterparts in the kennels next to them.

The team describe the pair as typical Greyhounds who can be real ‘goofballs’ but equally love to relax and snooze in their beds. Both loves their toys and food and are looking for adult only homes with large gardens. Ben could live with another dog, preferably a female but Bobby would prefer to be the only pet in the home.

Nicki Barrow, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Newbury said:

“Black Greyhounds are commonly overlooked in kennels and this is sadly the case for Bobby and Ben.

“Black dogs are often passed up by people looking for a dog as there is a misconception that they aren’t as ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ as others. But we know from experience that our black dogs are so affectionate and just as loving and adorable as their fluffy friends.”

The team also believe that our love of social media could be ones of the reason why Bobby and Ben are yet to find the forever homes of their dreams:

Nicki adds:

“Dog owners love putting pictures of their pets on social media and black animals generally can be difficult to photograph as their features don’t always show up well.

“But we think that black dogs take beautiful pictures and even though Greyhounds may not be cute and fluffy, they are wonderful pets and we’re out to make them cool again!”

If you think you can offer Bobby or Ben a second chance, please call Dogs Trust Newbury on 0300 303 0292.