Dogs Trust Newbury sniffing out green-fingered dog lovers

Dogs Trust Newbury is sniffing out green-fingered dog lovers who are willing to dig for dogs and help complete the new sensory garden at the Hamstead Marshall rehoming centre.

The centre is hoping to recruit as many volunteers as possible to help them finish a huge dog friendly sensory garden which is due to officially open on 3rd June 2020. The garden will be full of different plants, scents and textures to keep dogs at the centre stimulated when they’re out and about on walks.

Volunteer Co-ordinator, Sally-Ann Dodson, says:

"Dogs love to sniff, dig and play so we wanted to create an enriching space where dogs can explore and forage whilst they wait for new homes but we really need help from dog-loving locals who are prepared to get their paws mucky and help our homeless hounds.

“The sensory garden will be full of different smells and textures and it is all about enriching the lives of our dogs and stimulating all of their senses, which is why we’re going to be planting dog-friendly plants which all have beneficial properties - from calming chamomile to soothing peppermint.”

The team say that there is always plenty to do around the site and volunteers will also be able to help with general maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and building, under the supervision of the centre’s Maintenance Operative.

If you think you could help the team come up smelling of roses, please contact Volunteer Co-ordinator Sally-Ann Dodson on 01488 658 839 or email [email protected]