‘Heaviest doggie duo ever’ looking for big-hearted owners

Dogs Trust Newbury is hoping to find big-hearted owners with an equally large sofa for a mother and daughter doggie duo who tip the scales at almost 100kgs.  

Dogue de Bordeauxs, three-year-old Honey and her mum five-year-old Roxy are devoted to one another. They arrived at the Hamstead Marshall-based rehoming centre in January through no fault of their own and have lived together all their lives. Staff say that they are the heaviest doggie duo they’ve ever had and are looking for an owner who can offer double the love and give this adorable pair a forever home.  

Dogue de Bordeauxs are a large breed and on average weigh between 55-65kg as adult dogs. Weighing a whopping 93kgs combined – about the same as the average washing machine – Roxy and Honey are gentle giants and looking for owners who aren't put off by their size. Sadly, they have had little interest since arriving at the rehoming centre and staff say that the fact that they are an extra-large breed needing to be homed together is possibly putting adopters off, but they will do everything they can to find a home for them.

Antony Dominy, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Newbury, said: 

“When pairs of dogs come into our care, we always try to rehome them together so we’re really hoping someone comes forward soon. 

“Roxy and Honey are absolute sweethearts who adore each other. They are gentle giants with sensitive souls and are always up for a fuss and giving slobbery kisses. They are very attached and will happily spend all day with each other and they need each other for confidence.

“Taking on a doggy duo, can be extremely rewarding - whilst it’s double the responsibility, you’ll also find that it’s double the love, and you’ll certainly get that from these two beauties. 

“Together they are a fantastic pair and can be shy initially but soon become friendly with everyone they meet. They could live with children older than 12 and have lived in a home previously so are housetrained and would be happy to be left for a couple of hours once they are settled, but would benefit from someone being around for most of the day whilst they get used to their new environment. Once Honey and Roxy have settled in, they will be loving and loyal companions.” 

If you think you have the space in your heart and your home for Roxy and Honey, please call Dogs Trust Newbury on 01488 505157.