12 dogs of Christmas at Dogs Trust Newbury

Staff at Dogs Trust Newbury are calling on local dog lovers to consider opening their homes and hearts to a rescue hound whilst remembering the charity’s iconic slogan, “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas®”.

The Rehoming Centre in Hamstead Marshall will be caring for more than 60 dogs over the festive period, but as the New Year approaches there are 12 homeless hounds who all have their paws crossed that they will be spending it in a loving new home.

Nicki Barrow, Rehoming Centre Manager, Dogs Trust Newbury:

“Our 12 dogs of Christmas each have differing looks, personalities and needs but each one will make a wonderful addition to a loving new home so we are appealing for anyone who would like to rehome one of these deserving dogs to please get in touch.

“Our slogan, ‘A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas®’ is as relevant today as it was when it was first coined 40 years ago. We continue to see many dogs coming through our doors over the Christmas period, simply because individuals haven’t taken into consideration the lifelong commitment of dog ownership. 

“We urge anyone thinking of getting a dog during this busy period to seriously think about the commitment involved before making a decision to bring a four-legged family member into your home. Dog ownership can be challenging but also extremely rewarding, especially if you are giving a rescue dog a second chance at happiness.

"As always, we are reminding everyone that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, and, if you are thinking about getting a dog in 2019, to consider rehoming a rescue dog." 


Age 5

Terrier Cross

Adam is such a sweet little lad but despite being small he’s not keen on being a lap dog! He’s an active lad who loves to play fetch, providing you throw another ball as soon as he’s returned the other! He has a sensitive side so would benefit from calm adult owners who can spend time with him and get to know him at his pace whilst building his confidence. He could live with another dog and visiting children would need to be 16 or above.


Age 1

Border Collie

Handsome Charlie is a bouncy playful lad who loves to be on the go and learning new things, putting his clever Collie mind to good use! He is still learning about the world so his new owners will need to help build him self-confidence and make him see that the world is lots of fun! He’d like active owners who can help keep him physically and mentally stimulated. He has so much potential and will make the perfect companion in the right home.


Age 4

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Sweetheart Daphne can be a little shy to start with but will be a friend for life with some tasty treats and a gentle fuss. She is looking for a calmer, quieter home who will help her find her paws. She knows some basic training but is a keen student and wants to learn more. She likes the attention to be all on her so is looking for an adult-only home with no other pets so she can lap up all the fuss!


Age 5

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Stunning Spirit loves nothing more than being snuggled up under his blankets in this chilly weather! Spirit loves his food and loves to work for it which is great for his continued training. He is looking for a quieter home with owners who are around for a majority of the day and can build up his time left. He loves to be with you so would prefer to be the only pet in an adult only home or one where there are older teenagers.


Age 18 months

German Shepherd

Jay has been working super hard on his training and is now ready to find the forever home of his dreams. He does have some worries around meeting strangers but given time and patience, he becomes an affectionate friend. He’d love an adult-only home with minimal visitors and he would love a rural setting with plenty of space to exercise.


Age 4

Shar Pei

Being hard of hearing doesn’t hold Luigi back and he’s even learnt some sign language. He loves playing with his toys, whether it’s with you or by himself. Once he gets to know you he is a real cuddle monster and likes to think he is a lap dog! He’d prefer to be the only pet in a quiet home with owners who are happy to continue his training and he could live with children and 16 years and over.

Jimmy Jim Jams

Age 3


Retired ex-racing Greyhound Jimmy Jim Jams has hung up his racing shoes and is looking to start life in a home where he can enjoy his home comforts He has discovered a love for chasing tennis balls and will happily zoom around chasing after one! He could live with a similar sized dog and children aged 11 years and over. Once settled he’ll be a loving companion.


Age 5

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Mickey is a real people-dog – he loves your company and takes comfort in your reassurance. He really enjoys his food so this is a great training aid and will help you to form a bond with each other. He’d like an adult-only home with new owners who are prepared to give him time to settle, and plenty of fuss once he’s ready.


Age 4

Husky Cross

Affectionate, sweet and loving are three words to describe Milly. She adores her home comforts and can often be found snuggling in her bed but equally loves being out and about exploring on her walks. She loves investigating in the woods on quiet walks so she can truly enjoy herself. She’d prefer to be the only dog in the home and could live with children aged 14 years and over. She is a gorgeous girl who wants to enjoy the quiet side of life with a new family.


Age 10


Golden oldie Mojo is so laid-back and her favourite past times include lounging around on the sofa in front of the TV, exploring new areas or playing a gentle game of fetch. She doesn’t require long walks, just gentle strolls, and her most favourite thing is cuddles with anyone who is willing to give her a fuss - she adores people. She’d like to be the only pet in the home and can live with children aged 11 years and above. She’d be a fantastic addition to a new family.


Age 15 months


Zoomies followed by a snooze is Rakki’s perfect day! He can be shy to start with but some tasty treats, time and patience will soon bring out his playful and loving side. He is looking for a calm adult-only home with owners who can help continue his training – he’s a keen learner! He has so much love to give and is looking for an owner to give it to. He has a beautiful cheeky personality once you get to know him and is looking for a gentle, loving home where he can thrive.


Age 2

Lurcher Reilly is a super energetic lad who just wants to be everyone’s friend – two and four-legged! He loves to play fetch and is always keen to learn new things - he loves his tasty treats which certainly helps build up a strong friendship. He is looking for an equally active but relaxed home environment with owners who will continue his training. He would hugely benefit from living with a confident dog who can match his exuberant play style and show him the ropes. He’s looking for a home without children, including any visiting children. He has a lot of potential to flourish in a home who can give him the training and time he deserves.

If you would like to find out more about any of canine residents currently at Dogs Trust Newbury please get in touch with the
team on 0300 303 0292