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Would you call my name?

Rakki - Saluki crossbreed dog

Rakki is a 15 month old Saluki cross is all ears as he waits to hear his name over the radio to meet a potential owner.

Rakki is a very handsome boy who enjoys stretching his lovely long legs on his walks in quiet areas and having zoomie time in the compounds off lead before finding a warm and comfortable spot for a snooze.

Rakki can be worried when first meeting new people but loves his food so can be won round with a few yummy treats. With time and patience his playful and loving side starts to shine through and you gain a friend for life.

Rakki is looking for a calm adult only home with time to help him adjust to home life and settle in, he would love patient owners who can help him build up his confidence and find the real joy of home life. Being young Rakki still has some training to learn but with a promise of treats he is very eager! And has come on so well with his training at the centre.

Rakki will require multiple visits to help him get to know you, he likes to build up a relationship with you first. He has a beautiful cheeky personality once you get to know him and enjoys the classic lurcher lean for a gentle fuss! He would like to be the only pet in the home and continue his socialising training with our ongoing support as he settles in and his confidence begins to grow.

This gorgeous boy needs a gentle loving home where he can thrive, he has so much potential to make a wonderful new addition to your home, he just requires a little time, training and some extra TLC to help him settle.

If you are looking for a fun, cheeky and loving addition with amazing ears then this is the boy for you!

If you think Rakki could be the one for you, please visit the centre to learn more about him.

He is waiting for your call.