It’s Shaun the sheepdog!

This beautiful and bright border collie is Shaun.

Shaun's a sweet and sensitive boy of just 2 years old. He likes to take some time to get to know you on first meetings. He can be a little ‘sheepish’ if you rush in, but soon enjoys a gentle fuss and a tasty treat given some time.

He would thrive in an active home who can help him grow in confidence and learn to enjoy his new home environment and all its joys. He has so much potential and will be such a wonderful companion.

Shaun would benefit from a Collie experienced home, owners who know their quirks and traits. Shaun has strong breed traits such as herding instincts, he would love for his new owners to help him channel this into training and brain games.

He would be a fantastic dog for someone who is looking for a hard-working, clever and trainable boy to go on wonderful adventures together, whether that be training classes, agility or just for fun.

Shaun is a gorgeous boy who will give you no end of love and companionship once he finds his paws.

If you think Sean could he be the dog for you, contact Dogs Trust Newbury 01488 658391