Emily, an Eight-year-old Beagle and Lyle, a Two-year-old Harrier

One sweet duo - Meet Emily and Lyle

Sugar, spice and everything nice are included with this sweet pair of hounds.

Emily is an eight-year-old Beagle and Lyle is a two-year-old Harrier, they have lived together all of Lyle's life, so he adores and dotes on Emily.

They love to go out exploring, always nose down to the ground following an exciting scent. Unless of course you have something extra tasty, then they are all ears for you! Lyle does the cutest head tilt you have ever seen!

When they are relaxing, they love nothing more than snuggling up on a bed together, by far one of the sweetest sights we’ve ever seen. They can also be found playing tuggy together, they love toys and will play with you or each other nicely.

Emily and Lyle would love to find a forever home to share. If you think these two could sweeten up your home (of course its two lumps of sugar not just one) then get in touch with Dogs Trust Newbury on 01488 658391.

You really won’t find a sweeter pair…