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Cute, crazy and charming Cooper

Six-month-old Cooper the Beagle is looking for his forever home


Cooper is a six-month-old Beagle, he is full of fun, mischief and bundles of energy. He is a gorgeous little boy who, given the time and training, will make a fantastic addition to the family.

Cooper loves to play, a lot! He will happily play all day with you or with canine friends, he also loves to be out and about exploring, following his nose and meeting friends to chase and play with.

Cooper will need a very active home who can help him channel his energy into training, he has so much potential. Cooper responds well to positive reward training, he loves those tasty treats! He has some great basic training, but he will need to continue his training as he loves to learn and adores brain games.

Cooper will need his owners to be around the majority of the day to start with and build up any time left as he settles in. He loves to be with you lending a helping paw where he can or helping encourage you to take a break, so you can play.

Cooper is looking for Beagle experienced owners, he would benefit from owners who know the Beagle quirks.

Cooper is very clever and would like to put his brain to good use with activities like Agility, he is willing to give anything a go and finds the joy and fun in all he does.

Cooper could live with children 16 years and over who are used to bouncy dogs and will be happy to help aid him in his learning and playing.

Cooper loves other dogs but can be too much for most as he loves to play a lot and can be vocal, he will need to socialise on a regular basis with playful and tolerant dogs, He would love somewhere like a doggy day care or play dates.  He would like to be the only dog in the home but have lots of friends out and about that he can meet up with regularly.

Could you be Cute Cooper's special someone?