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Happy new year, happy new forever home

A dog who spent last New Year at Dogs Trust Merseyside is starting 2018 in his new forever home thanks to a Warrington family.

Crossbreed Rico arrived at Dogs Trust in November 2016 and although he saw hundreds of his canine companions find their special someone, it was to be almost a year before the team finally waved a fond farewell to the two-year-old.

Dave O’Gorman says:

“We are delighted we’ve been able to give Rico his forever home. We have always had two dogs and our black Labrador Dylan died at the age of 14 in September.

“Our Dalmatian, Pebbles, is deaf and had been best buddies with Dylan for seven years. She really missed him and became very down in the dumps after he died so we headed to Dogs Trust to find her another friend.”

Dave and his wife Petrina visited Rico several times at the Huyton Rehoming Centre and it soon became clear that Rico and Pebbles were to become the best of canine companions.

Dave says:

“Rico is absolutely wonderful and has given Pebbles a new lease of life; he is really playful and when we’re out and about they love running around together.

“We’re so pleased that he’s starting 2018 with us and we’re looking forward to many more years with him as part of our family.”

 Georgina Lowery, Manager at Dogs Trust Merseyside, says:

 “Dave and Petrina along with Pebbles were the perfect family for Rico and after he’d been waiting so long it was wonderful to see him head home. His and Pebbles’ tails didn’t stop wagging every time they were together and I’m sure that has been the case ever since!”

If you would like to welcome a dog into your life in 2018, please visit Dogs Trust Merseyside at Whiston Lane, Liverpool, L36 6HP. It is open 12pm-4pm, every day except Wednesday when it is closed. You can also find out more at www.dogstrust.org.uk