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Dogs Trust Merseyside baffled by bunny left at rehoming centre

Our teams are sadly familiar with dogs arriving at their rehoming centres over the Christmas period, but were surprised to find a rather more unusual animal left at their gates.

On Friday (22 December) morning a member of staff spotted a box at the entrance to Dogs Trust Merseyside, and rushed over assuming a puppy or small dog would hop out – only to find a rabbit.

The Christmas bunny was left in a box with food and a note written on the box which said they were sorry to give him up but couldn’t care for him any longer. The team have called the Christmas arrival Noel and having been checked over by their vet, along with a local rabbit rescue centre, will look for a new home for him.

Dogs Trust Merseyside Assistant Manager, Catherine Stulberg, said:

“We were surprised to say the least. He is obviously a very much loved pet as he had lots of hay and food and we think he had only been there a matter of minutes. It’s a very sad situation.

“Rabbits do take a lot of looking after and someone obviously feels they can’t give him everything he needs.”

Catherine says:

“We would urge people not to abandon their pets in this way as it is extremely stressful for the animal. If you find that you are no longer able to care for them, your vet will be able to provide you with a list of appropriate rehoming charities to call.

“It is important that charities meet with owners who are handing their pets in for rehoming so we can learn as much as we can about the type of home they will need and to discover any important medical details.

“Although lots of us at the centre are rabbit lovers none of our staff are in a position to adopt him so we’re going to look after him and liaise with local animal rescues who care for rabbits and will make sure he gets a wonderful new home.”  

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