Could you give this silver furried old age pooch the gift of a lifetime? | Dogs Trust

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Could you give this silver furried old age pooch the gift of a lifetime?

Dogs Trust Merseyside hopes National Grandparents Day proves every dog has its day

Staff at Dogs Trust Merseyside are hoping National Grandparents Day on Sunday (1 October) will prove every dog really does have its day.

They are searching for a forever home for Old Age Pooch (OAP) 12-year-old Bella who arrived at the Huyton rehoming centre on Valentine’s Day after a change in family circumstances meant her owner could sadly no longer take care of her.

Now she is looking for love again and a home where she can spend her twilight years, either snuggled up on the knee or at the feet of her new owner where she loves to fall asleep.

Georgina Lowery, Dogs Trust Merseyside Manager, says:

“Bella was a much loved dog and very much used to getting lots of TLC so it’s heart breaking that through no fault of hers or her owner, this adorable golden oldie has found herself without a forever home.

“It’s especially sad when older dogs come to us and Bella just simply deserves a second chance to enjoy the home comforts she longs for, and of course lots of cuddles!”

Bella, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, still likes to get out and about but just like many of us as we get older, is a little slower than she used to be. She would be happy living with a family with children aged eight or over as she loves to be with her human pals as much as possible.

Georgina adds:

“Bella, like many older dogs, keeps getting overlooked and has been here almost eight months, but there are so many advantages to adopting an older dog. They often need less exercise but are as much fun, they’re used to living in a home and their personality is already shaped so new owners can really understand and appreciate the dog that they are welcoming into their family.

“Bella would make a wonderful addition to a loving family and it is so rewarding to give an older dog the perfect retirement home where they can rest their paws. We’re really hoping this special day helps us find Bella the ideal home she truly deserves.”

As an older girl, Bella does have some health issues so Dogs Trust will cover her future vet costs under their Shared Adoption Scheme where charitable donations help to support medical treatment particularly for dogs that may otherwise be overlooked.

If you think you can offer Bella her ideal home please contact the team at Dogs Trust Merseyside on 0300 303 0292. Bella is being looked after by a foster carer so please call the rehoming centre on Whiston Lane to make an appointment to meet her. You can also find out more about Bella at