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Biggest puppy ever lands his paws in rescue centre

An adorable puppy who tips the scales at four and a half stone is being cared for by Dogs Trust Merseyside

At two-and-a-half foot from paw to shoulder and standing at 5ft on his hind legs, Loki, a six-month-old Caucasian Shepherd – is the just under the height of an average woman in the UK. 

But the fluffy pooch has still got plenty of growing to do and will weigh between 11 and 14st as an adult – the same as a small adult tiger. He chomps through around 20kg of dry food a month and over the course of a year will go through £600 worth of food. 

Loki was originally rescued by a lady after seeing that he was being kept in a garden, but once she realised just how big he would grow, handed him into Dogs Trust in Huyton so they could find the right home for him. 

Vicky Lester, Rehoming Centre Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Merseyside, said:

“When Loki first arrived, we couldn’t believe how big he was for her age. As a six-month-old pup he is certainly the biggest puppy we’ve ever cared for, and he is going to continue growing. 

“Thankfully, he is already reserved to a lovely family and all being well will happily head off to his new home soon.”