Love is love! Celebrating Pride at Dogs Trust Merseyside

June is the month of celebrating people coming together in love and friendship, which Dogs Trust has been proud to support for over two decades, ever since strutting our paws in the Brighton Pride Parade in 2000.

Dogs Trust Merseyside held their own Pride Party on Sunday 26th June, bringing together dogs and people to celebrate love is love. 

Georgina Lowery, Dogs Trust Merseyside Manager said:

“We are always so happy to all come together in June to do our little bit to uplift, celebrate and support the wonderful diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. After the past couple of years of virtual celebrations, and social distancing, it has been amazing to bring our staff, volunteers and dogs together to spread some joy and love.” 

Dogs appreciate that love is love, and three dogs who are hoping to find their ‘furry tail’ endings are: 


Puma, Greyhound, 3 years old 

Puma is a calm and relaxed boy, who loves snuggling up in a duvet and watching the world go by! He is super lovable and extremely sociable; he enjoys approaching people and saying hello to everyone he comes into contact with. He absolutely loves toys, especially tennis balls, as he likes to run around with them. 

Puma is great with other Greyhounds and likes his doggy friendship group to be exclusively Greyhounds only, particularly the girls! He could happily live with another Greyhound. His new family might want to develop his social skills, for him to accept other breeds into his inner circle. He is a great all-rounder who would be a fun but chilled addition to any home, and he is able to live with children of secondary school age and over. 


Miley, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 12 years old 

Miley nicknamed ‘Smiley Miley’ is the sweetest girl, who will steal your heart! She hasn’t had the easiest journey so far, but she is ready to find a new relaxing, retirement home. She may be an older girl, but she’s still super spritely and enjoys heading out for walks. Miley adores affection and fuss, especially a tickle under the chin. She’s a truly loveable girl, who also has heaps of love to give her forever family. 

Miley will happily walk with other dogs once she's been properly introduced, but she'd be happiest as the only pet in the home, where she can be the focus of her family. She is able to live with children aged ten and over, however she is looking for more of a quiet life at home. Miley will definitely bring so much joy, fun and happiness to her new home and family. 


Belle, Greyhound, 1 year old  

Belle is a true beauty; she is an incredibly gentle soul and a real sweetheart. She had little experience of home life, but she has adapted very well. Belle adores people, with everyone she meets she is super friendly and very gentle. She will occasionally greet you with her paws in the air if she's really excited to see you! 

Belle is a social girl, who enjoys hanging out with her doggy pals, and could happily live alongside another dog. She has always had company and isn't the biggest fan of being alone. She is hoping for a patient family who give her time to settle into her new home. She can live with children aged ten and over. Belle is a sweet and sensitive soul, who has so much potential and will be a wonderful addition to home! 

If you would like to spread some more love this Pride month and welcome a proud pooch into your family, please visit: to find out more.