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What happens on Wednesdays?

You may have noticed that the majority of the Dogs Trust centres are closed on Wednesdays, but have you ever wondered why?

Well, at Merseyside, we often put Wednesdays aside for important staff training sessions, such as fire safety or infection control. Sometimes we have visitors who like to demonstrate working dogs for us, such as mountain rescue or police dogs.

When we don’t have training, as we are closed to the public, this gives us the opportunity to give the dogs a bit of a break. We are lucky that the centre is very close to Stadt Moers Country Park, so we’ll often take a group of dogs for a good leg stretch, allowing them to explore a different area and encounter new experiences. It’s important for a lot of our longer term residents to have this break, and it keeps their social skills honed when they get to walk in a group.

Watch the video below, you’ll see friendships being formed, and Chance the Staffy exploring the pond for the first time!