Thank you to Merseyside’s volunteers!

It’s National Volunteers’ Week and we want to say an enormous thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!

We pride ourselves on a high level of care at Dogs Trust Merseyside and we absolutely couldn’t keep this up without the help of our amazing volunteer team.

We have married couples who volunteer together, old friends who meet up every weekend for a chat and a dog walk, and those who enjoy the solitude of long dog walk over to the country park.

Everyone gets something different from volunteering – Sam and Ria have bonded over their love of dogs and have become the best of friends despite a 30-year age gap! Jonathan gets to use the training techniques he spends so much of his free time learning, and this is of great benefit to some of our longer-term pooches. We even have volunteer laundry assistants who don’t realise how much time they give back to the staff, enabling us to spend it with the dogs instead of dealing with our piles of blankets and towels!

Our Home From Home foster carer network is also invaluable. Dogs who can’t come into or don’t cope in kennels can still get a safe rescue place whilst they wait to be adopted. They may be oldies or puppies, in need of medical care or just not cut out for the busy centre life.

To each and every one of you, a heartfelt THANK YOU from the Merseyside team!