There’s a surprising new entry at the top of the charts!

2020 certainly gave us a few surprises, apart from the pandemic. At Merseyside, we started the year with a Black Russian Terrier and ended it with a Shiba Inu, both breeds we have never had at the centre before.

We’ve always been successful with different breeds, but Staffies and Collies have long been at the top of the list as our most popular dogs, so you can imagine our surprise when a new contender silently crept in to become top of the pops!

Merseyside rehomed more Greyhounds than any other breed last year (crossbreeds aside), marking a huge change in their popularity as pets, and making up 7.5% of all the dogs we found homes for. 43 of these leggy lovelies were welcomed into new families, many of them first time Greyhound owners.


So why the rise in popularity? We can’t say for sure, but we are happy to see how well they’re being perceived as pets now, as there are so many myths about Greyhounds.

Myth: Greyhounds need SO much exercise!

What we’ve found: Greyhounds are notorious couch potatoes. They are certainly fast, but only for short periods and short distances. Greys do enjoy a good blast off lead and it is quite a sight to behold, but they do tire quickly. They are happy with a couple of walks a day and sprawling on the sofa for the rest of it.


Myth: Greyhounds are aggressive, they are always muzzled.

What we’ve found: Most of Dogs Trust’s Greyhounds are ex-racers, who are accustomed to wearing a muzzle on and around a track. Many dogs naturally enjoy chasing and catching things which is why we’ll play this way with their toys, allowing them to have fun in a safe way. Wearing a muzzle on a walk prevents a dog from catching hold of anything that isn’t a toy, such as a fast moving furry animal, so they’re part of being a responsible dog owner. Pet greyhounds associate the muzzle with walks and activity with their owners so it can actually be a positive signal for them.


Myth: Greyhounds aren’t affectionate dogs.

What we’ve found: Whaaat? Greyhounds LOVE to snuggle! Once you get past the bony limbs and long nose, Greys are one of the best breeds to curl up next to you on the sofa. They can love contact and be incredibly affectionate, and they often love to be involved in everything. People who embrace the Greyhound often find themselves with more than one, and it’s not uncommon to end up with more than two!