Sofa surfing Chester desperately seeks a new home

A Lurcher

Dogs Trust Merseyside are caring for Chester, an outrageously beautiful 8 year old lurcher who suffers with separation anxiety.

Chester had been very happy at home where she was much loved, but sadly around Bonfire Night last year, she became increasingly afraid of fireworks that were being let off near her home whilst she was in the garden. In an attempt to get away from the noise, she tried to jump the fence but impaled herself on the iron railings instead, resulting quite a severe injury to one of her axilla (armpit!).

Although Chester made a full physical recovery, she now fears being left alone, and is becoming increasingly upset whilst living at the centre.

She gets respite from the centre whenever possible thanks to Alison and Jonathan Rutter, two long term volunteers at the centre.  She has recently spent nights with Merseyside’s media assistant, Clare, and her family.

When she is at home, Chester is the perfect houseguest and behaves impeccably. She gets along beautifully with Clare’s two dogs, and when at the Rutter’s, she likes to sprawl unashamedly on the sofa!

Chester is perfectly housetrained, dog friendly, and can even live with children over the age of 5 but she needs to live with a family who won’t leave her at all. She is beautiful, comical, playful, flatulent and guaranteed to steal your heart, and quite likely your bed too.

If you could offer Chester a home, please get in touch with Dogs Trust Merseyside on 0151 480 0660. The rehoming centre is based in Huyton, Liverpool.