Merseyside update

How are our beautiful dogs coping during these unusual times? They are absolutely fine!  

They’re receiving oodles of attention from their carers and some of our longer-term residents are enjoying the break from the hustle and bustle and the chance to be paid even more attention than usual!

We are of course still closed to walk-in visitors, so at the moment we don’t have that Thursday afternoon rush that makes us all think it’s a Saturday – now we have to keep checking what day of the week it is! 

When your days are defined by vet’s appointments, pre-adoption talks and intakes, it’s easy to know where you are at, but at the moment things are very different. However, one thing is the same - whatever day of the week, our gorgeous dogs greet us with a wagging tail and keep us going.

Each day is different and sometimes challenging in ways we are not used to, particularly when it came to social distancing! But if there’s one thing that working with dogs teaches you, it’s how to find novel ways to achieve results.

As ever the dogs are getting everything they need to keep their brains and bodies busy but in some ways life is a little more leisurely as our routine is different with people not being able to visit the centre.

We have been getting used to social distancing of course and now we are in the swing of having adapted our rehoming process with our ‘Handover at Home’ service. This isn’t feasible for some of our dogs but it has meant we have been able to find some dogs their forever homes in these unusual times – more than 50 so far!

As of Monday, 1 June, we will be continuing with our Handover at Home service but for dogs that need to meet their new owners more often to build a bond, appointments will be offered at the centre. Potential new owners will be able to meet the dog they are interested in rehoming at the centre in an outside play area, or in a spacious area that is separate from the main rehoming centre, such as our training barn, whilst keeping two metres distance.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their continuing support and to those who have adopted from us in recent weeks.  Our adopters have been wonderfully understanding about the change in procedures and now we are rehoming again, it frees up valuable space that enables us to continue to help other dogs in need.

We miss our fabulous volunteers who are a huge part of the Dogs Trust family and we do hope to see them, our regular visitors and anyone who is looking for a new best friend soon. Until then, rest assured that the dogs are being cared for and they aren’t going short of goodies which keep coming in via our Amazon Wishlist from our amazing supporters!

You can find out more about our current rehoming process here