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Merseyside's JJ is a record-breaking beagle!

J.J. the Beagle was adopted from Dogs Trust Merseyside by Ali Garnett back in 2013 and the pair have enjoyed many adventures together. Ali had never had a Beagle before and although it was love at first sight, she said she “got a shock” once she got him home! She joined the Merseyside Beagle Club and enjoyed regular walks and meet ups with lots of other Beagle lovers.

A fellow member came up with the idea of trying to hold a record-breaking Beagle meet up, and Ali was soon roped in, and had the task of registering all the dogs who were taking part!

In April 2018, 1029 Beagles walked for 1.9km through the grounds of Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire, and it was indeed the largest single breed dog walk ever recorded by Guinness World Records!

Congratulations to Ali and J.J.!