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10 years at Dogs Trust

From canine carer to assistant manager

Vicki Lester began working for Dogs Trust Merseyside in 2008 as a Canine Carer, and her passion for canine welfare gave her aspirations of one day having a role that meant she could be more deeply involved with helping dogs other than the ones directly in her care.

After moving from Canine Carer to Receptionist, Vicki honed her people skills and eventually took on the role of Assistant Manager (Operations) earlier in the summer. Despite her years at Merseyside, Vicki still had to go through the terrifying 6 months probationary period, but passed with flying colours!

She says “Having worked in two key roles previously, I know the challenges that centre staff face on a daily basis, and feel I am in a better position to help them and the centre to go from strength to strength. We’ve had another amazing year for rehoming, and I’m looking forward to beginning my 10th year with Dogs Trust on a high, and continuing our success. We have some of the best staff in the business and helping them keep up their high level of skill and knowledge will be one of my main goals. We really do work as a team at Merseyside and I think our visitors have a clear appreciation of that when they visit us”.

Vicki is also a mother of two girls, and a dog mum to many, but also finds time in her personal life to work with homeless people and their pets in Liverpool! “One of my favourite things about the job is being able to offer help and support to, and building relationships with some of the smaller rescues in the area. It really helps make a difference to dog owners in our region.”