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Sisters hope to meet furry dog parents soon

When American song writer Irving Berlin wrote about devoted sisters, he definitely had two-legged rather than four-legged siblings in mind.

But the team at Dogs Trust Manchester say the song lyrics are definitely apt when it comes to two of their canine residents - they have never met two dogs who love each other’s company as much as seven-year-old sisters Bella and Donna do, and that’s why staff are searching for a home for the two together.

Dawn Bishop, Rehoming Centre Manager, says:

“When you see them the words of the song just spring to mind – they stick together whatever the weather, they think and act as one and they have certainly made sure nothing has come between them so far, which is why we are trying our best to find them a home together.

“Bella and Donna have ended up homeless due to a change in circumstances, so through no fault of their own. They have had to say goodbye to everything they were familiar with, and although we recognise it’s a big commitment looking after two dogs, the last thing we want to do is for them to have to say goodbye to each other too.” 

As well as bringing song words to mind, the Italian translation of their name ‘belladonna’ is beautiful ladies, and the staff say they most definitely fit that description too, as both love to be groomed so they always look their best.

They enjoy getting out and about and playing games together, they are both very affectionate and love cuddles too. Their main requirement of their forever home, as well as a lovely comfy bed and a secure garden to play in, is to have two people so they can be walked together.  

Dawn says:

“They really are a gorgeous pair and love to play, so would fit in really well with a family where any children are aged 14 or over so they can join in all the fun family life has to offer. They have been with us almost two months now and we’re hoping that very soon we will see both their tails happily wagging as they leave the centre with their new families.”

If you think you could give these beautiful ladies the home they deserve, please call Dogs Trust Manchester on 0300 303 0292.