Dogs Trust

Lovely Jubbly pooch hopes comedy star looks land her a cushty home

Staff at Dogs Trust are hoping one of their residents lands a cushty new home after noticing she bears a striking resemblance to cheeky chappie Del Boy.

The 18-month-old Lurcher Cassie caught the eye of staff when she first arrived at the Dogs Trust Manchester, and it wasn’t too long before they realised she reminded them of the much loved Only Fools and Horses character played by David Jason.

Now, her comedy star looks are the talk of the centre and they are hoping it won’t be too long before it’s time to say ‘au revoir’, or should that be ‘bonjour’, to her?

But it’s not just her looks that are like Del Boy, it’s her personality too – she is a happy-go-lucky, cheeky character who is always looking for something to keep her busy. Fortunately she hasn’t got up to as much mischief as Del Boy since she has been at the centre!

Dawn Bishop, Rehoming Centre Manager, says: “With her cheeky grin she really is the spitting image of Del Boy and she is loving being the centre of attention, but what she really wants is to take the lead role at the heart of a family, just like him. She’d also love to build a bond as close as that between Del Boy and Rodney with a four-legged friend in her new home but one major difference between her and Del Boy is she doesn’t want to live in a high rise tower block as she definitely needs a garden!”