Dogs Trust

Chip, chip hooray!

It was chips ahoy at Dogs Trust Manchester on Sunday (21 February) with dedicated dog owners heading to the centre to have their pooches microchipped before it becomes required by law in just a few weeks time.

The team microchipped 54 dogs of all shapes and sizes who arrived at the Denton centre with their owners throughout the day to take advantage of the free offer – but if you couldn’t make it, you can still get your pooch microchipped for free at Dogs Trust Manchester.

Sam Capp, Canine Carer at the centre on Parkway, said:

“We were delighted that so many people came along. We microchipped so many different breeds, large and small, from Collies to Chihuahuas and Staffordshire Bull Terriers to Shih Tzus.”

Compulsory microchipping will become law in England, Wales and Scotland on 6th April, which means it will be a legal requirement for owners to ensure their dog is microchipped by this date and the details on the microchip database are kept up to date.

Sam adds: “Any local dog owners that couldn’t make it on Sunday can still come to Dogs Trust Manchester as Dogs Trust offers free microchipping nationwide at its centres.

“Microchipping is a simple and effective procedure which we believe is the most successful tool in helping to reunite lost dogs with their owners. We urge any dog owners who haven’t yet had their dog microchipped to visit the centre or go to to find out about further microchipping events in the area.”